Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Uh huh

One more raccoon. I can't say I've spent a lot of time looking at them--which is probably why this one has a cat nose instead of a raccoon nose. Did I mention they have funny butts? When they walk they waddle. Cracks me up every time.
Here's some fish I drew during a trip to the aquarium. Why do they all look so upset? Probably because the fish get called "Nemo", "Dory", "Crush" or one of the other Finding Nemo characters by the kiddies. Sure, it's cute the first time. About a thousand times later you're about to bean any kid that comes in your general presence and wants to know if you're drawing Nemo.
And by "bean" I mean "throw in the shark tank." Think of the amazing gesture pose possibilites!

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